Press Release: Kyzyl To Samarkand

New music from ethereal vocalist-composer Sara Ayers
and dark ambient experimentalist Ryuta.K

Kyzyl To Samarkand is the culmination of a year-long collaboration between Japanese dark ambient experimentalist Ryuta.K and US vocalist-composer Sara Ayers.

The music is foreboding, ethereal, plaintive and dense; diaphanous vocals float over surreal beds of field recordings, molten noise and nervous guitars, evoking the sound of an ominous yet ecstatic journey on a pan-Asian silk road. The entire 51-minute, 5-song project is available both on CD and by download.

Tokyo-Chiba based experimental musician Ryuta.K (oVdk & Bunk Data, Overdose Kunst, Ryu) creates electronic and electro-acoustic sonic textures that he describes as "Post sampling kinetic non-hierarchical nonlinear non-equilibrium forth world muziq!"

New York composer Sara Ayers creates haunting soundscapes using her voice: sampled, layered, looped and pitch-shifted, building intricately woven washes of sounds that ebb and flow from delicate lullabies to banshee wails.


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Press Release: Thrice Thy Heart Shall Broken Be

Jeff Sampson and Sara Ayers, two renowned ethereal vocalists/composers, have collaborated on Thrice Thy Heart Shall Broken Be, a three-song CD EP that is at once haunting, foreboding and luminous.

Created with a sound palette made up entirely of vocals, the three works were composed, performed, recorded and produced jointly by the two musicians in their separate home studios.


  1. Thrice Thy Heart Shall Broken Be — dark chanting, ringing overtones, and ominous vocal washes combine in a sinister yet sparkling atmosphere.
  2. Not Even All The Stars — a plaintive meditation featuring gossamer vocals.
  3. Thrice Thy Heart...(Sleepwalking) — an alternate treatment of the lead track that evolves into a hypnotic and dreamlike journey.

Jeff Sampson, both solo and in his collaborative work with Akrude, Embracing The Glass, SanRenSei, Woosh and Tsuru, specializes in improvisation, live performance and live recording. Eclectic Earwig Music noted that "he can hum, croon, moan, chant like a Tibetan monk, chant like a Western monk, or sing high counter-tenor," and Wind and Wire characterized his sound as evoking "grey skies, bare trees and lonely spaces."

Sara Ayers creates unflinchingly intimate soundscapes using her voice — sampled, layered, looped and pitch-shifted — combined with occasional guitar washes and a warm bedrock of molten noise. Her richly textured sonic atmospheres vary in tone from the surreal whispers of angels to wall-of-sound banshee wails...a soundtrack for forgotten dreams. Rhythm and News characterized her sound as "shimmering sonic poetry," and The Kettle Black described it as "a must-have for fans of angelic voices."


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Press Release: A Million Stories

Ethereal vocalist-composer SARA AYERS releases

Since her intoxicating, hypnotic "Interiors" in 2001, acclaimed vocalist/composer Sara Ayers has established herself as one of the most sought-after sonic explorers. While her musical vision is utterly uniquely, she's found her music utilized in the most unusual and unexpected ways all over the globe.

British electronica kingpins the Chemical Brothers sampled Ayers' "Everyday We Die a Little" on "Come Inside," a Grammy-award winning song from their latest smash hit album, "Push the Button." VH1 dipped into the vast Ayers song catalog, snagging samples of "Angel #3" for the soundtrack of " the Music: Britney Spears." And the Russian electronic trio Figura constructed an entire album, "The Sara Ayers Remixes," around her luminous, captivating vocals.

Now with the release of her long-awaited new album "A MILLION STORIES," Ayers is back to reclaim her music on her own terms.

Her ambitious new work, "A MILLION STORIES" is a surreal, intricately woven wash of sounds that ebb and flow from heartbreak to ecstasy, from hushed to lush -- a 38-minute tone poem that weaves in and around itself.

What does it sound like?

In other words, it's like nothing you've ever heard before.

Sara Ayers says, "It's a cross between 'Are You Coming Home?' [from 'Sylvatica'] and the title track of 'Interiors,' an almost symphonic sound collage created from samples, primarily vocal samples. This one's more on the experimental side, and not as 'pretty' as some of my earlier works. Or you might think of it as a kind of greatest hits package, considering all of the self-sampling I did."

Sara Ayers creates unflinchingly intimate soundscapes using her voice: sampled, layered, looped and pitch-shifted. Combined with occasional guitar washes and a warm bedrock of molten noise, she creates richly textured sonic atmospheres that vary in tone from the haunting whispers of angels to wall-of-sound banshee wails: a soundtrack for forgotten dreams. Rhythm and News characterized as her sound as "shimmering sonic poetry," and The Kettle Black described it as "a must-have for fans of angelic voices."

"I think of my work as highly accessible to those with a little patience and an open mind, but completely bewildering to others," says Sara Ayers. "I focus mostly on sounds, tending towards hypnotic, stream-of-consciousness arrangements. To those expecting formulaic pop or classical music structures, my music may seem like pointless meanderings or pure noise.

"But for those unafraid of the sound of their own thoughts and opinions, my work functions as a soundtrack to the listeners' dreams, hopes and desires. It beckons listeners to enter their own inner world, and almost not hear the music. I aim to transport the listener to a place where time flows in unexpected ways, to hypnotize them, to take them deep inside the sound itself."

Clearly, Ayers is the kind of forward-thinking musician who rarely looks back, preferring instead to boldly lead the charge into the future.


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Press Release: Interiors

Dark Wood Recordings releases Interiors,
a CD of dark, ethereal organica by Sara Ayers

Dark Wood Recordings is pleased to announce the release of Interiors, a new music CD from solo ambient musician Sara Ayers.

Sara Ayers led such Capital Region scene-defining bands as The Dialtones, Real Danger and Bang Zoom. While with AKA/etc., she wrote and recorded the single, Waiting For You on Blue Lunch Records, which was also included on D.I.Y. Magazine's national compilation album, along with songs by Black Flag and Red Rockers. Her first solo effort, the full-length cassette Fluorochrome, received critical acclaim and won her new fans. As a member of Broad Appeal Productions, she was one of the producers of "A Little Nip," a Grrr Records compilation CD of women artists from New York's Hudson Valley region.

Sara's 1997 Voices CD contains a collection of passionate, smart, ethereal, electronic pop. Woven between the songs on the CD were musical pieces from the VOICES series: tape experiments and electronic explorations of vocal timbres and textures that tied the songs together and led the listener on an emotional journey, from premonition to loss to acceptance.

Sylvatica, released In 1999, continues the sonic exploration of the electro-acoustic possibilities of her voice. Layers and layers of lush voices create dense, hypnotic masses of sound which, combined with guitars, delays or synths, create organic, ethereal, ambient voicescapes. It's music of uncommon beauty -- music for dreaming.

Now, with Interiors, Sara pushes musical boundaries once again with ten soundscape pieces that evoke thought, emotion and memory. Dark and bright, familiar and foreboding, calm and seething, these exquisite non-linear constructions act both as a mirror and as a soundtrack for your mind.


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Solo Recordings

Organica (MP3) Dark Wood Recordings, 2008
A Million Stories
(CD) Dark Wood Recordings, 2005
Interiors (CD) Dark Wood Recordings, 2001
Drowning In Light (Full-length CD version) Dark Wood Recordings, 2001
Sylvatica (CD) Dark Wood Recordings, 1999
Voices (CD) Dark Wood Recordings, 1997
Fluorochrome (Cassette Tape) Blotto Records, 1985


What Is The Past But A Dream Of The Future?, Explorations in Sound, Vol 4: The Sound of Live Performance (Net Compilation) Furthernoise, 2011
La Tache Politique Actuelle, Un Nuit Dystopia (CD) Doppelganger, 2008
There Was No More Time
, Echoes of Polyhymnia (CD) Hypnos, 2008
Are You Coming Home? Arts on the Edge (CD) Saratoga County Council on The Arts, 2008
Starless, The Hawke Chill-Out Sessions (CD) Hawke Media Services, 2006
Leaving the Land of Before, Electricity Is Your Friend (CD) Three Pin Recordings, 2006
Listening To Her Breathing, 60x60 (2006 / New York Minutes) (CD) Vox Novus, 2006
I Sewed The Feathers To My Arms, Ping Ambience 2 (CD) The Ambient Ping, 2004
Are You Coming Home? Visions and Vibrations (CD) Trink Gallery, 2002
Sylvatica, The Infinity Paradox (CD) Digital Intersect Media, 2000
Nighthounds, Every Living Creature (CD), 2000
Lachrymatory, The Violet Collection: TVC Charity Compilation (CD), 1999
I Once Remembered Everything, A Little Nip (CD) Grrr Records, 1994
The Lighthouse, Talkwork Performance Quarterly (Cassette) Talkwork, 1991

Groups and Collaborations

Ambient Collaborations (MP3 Album) Endless Ascent 2009
Star Crossed Others: Star Crossed Others (MP3 Album) Dark Wood Recordings 2009
Sara Ayers and The Glimmer Room: Don't Tempt Me,  Framework (Compilation CD) A-Frame Media, 2008
Sara Ayers and Ryuta.K: Kyzyl To Samarkand (CD) Dark Wood Recordings 2008
New Shiny Things: Changing Colors b/w Breadlines and Dissidence (7") Anna Logue Records 2007
Sara Ayers and Jeff Sampson: Thrice Thy Heart Shall Broken Be (3-track CD) Dark Wood Recordings, 2006
Falling You: The Canoe And The Waterfall, Touch, (CD track) The Fossil Dungeon, 2005
Sara Ayers and G. C. Haymes: Softly, Untitled Screed Compilation CD, 2004
Delphium: No Return, Dead On The Inside (CD track) Hibou Records, 2003
Sara Ayers and Figura: Sara Ayers: The Figura Remixes (CD) Dark Wood Recordings, 2001
Neverland: Please, Talkwork Performance Quarterly (Cassette Compilation) Talkwork, 1992
The Reedies: Mirage, Live at 288 (LP Compilation) Lark Street Records 1983
New Shiny Things: Changing Colors b/w Breadlines and Dissidence (7") Blotto Records 1982
AKA/etc: Waiting For You, The DIY Album (LP Compilation) JW Productions 1982
AKA/etc: Waiting For You b/w We'll Just Keep Laughing (7") Blue Lunch Records 1981

Other Production Projects

Visions And Vibrations: The Visual Art of Musicians, (CD Compilation) Trink Gallery, 2002
A Little Nip (CD Compilation) Grrr Records, 1994

Television Background Music

Britney Spears: Behind The Music, VH1
True Spin, VH1
Extreme Engineering: Discovery Channel
Critical Hour, Discovery Health Channel
The Oprah Winfrey Show (Syndicated)
Hell: The Devil's Domain, History Channel
Heaven: Beyond The Grave, History Channel
Secret Life of Vampires, A&E
Miami Animal Police, Animal Planet Swarms, National Geographic Explorer
Final Days: The Fame and Fate of Princess Diana, A&E
Safari Tracks (Syndicated)
Conspiracy Files: CIA Mind Control, Discovery Channel
The Next Food Network Star, The Food Network
Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle, History Channel
Breaking Bonaduce: Danny Quits Therapy, VSPOT
Bible Series: Peter, A&E
Celebrity Fit Club UK, VH1
MTV D-Tour, MTV Asia
Spy On The Wild, Animal Planet
Rollergirls, A&E
Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, Travel Channel
Catastrophe: Northridge Earthquake, MSNBC
Meth: Kiss of Death, Discovery
Even Scarier Movie Moments, Parts 1 and 2, Bravo
Greatest History's Mysteries, History Channel
2006 FIFA World Cup Official Guide, various channels
UFO Files: Pacific's Bermuda Triangle, History Channel
Return to Flight: The Inside Story, Discovery HD Theatre
Vampire Secrets, The History Channel
Biography: Caroline Kennedy


Music For Films

The Raven, Mejpye's film adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" with narration by Urgelt
A Million Stories, Knight Owl Entertainment
Euthyphro's Dilemma, Knight Owl Entertainment
Channel, Knight Owl Entertainment
Ariastan's Mond, Uwe Post, Thunderbolt Video Project


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