September 22 - November 22, 2004

Recent works by Robert Gullie, Dana Rudolph and Sergio Sericolo

Live performance by Sara Ayers, Twisted Pair and Embracing The Glass with visuals by Twisted Pair

(Surrealism) declares that it is able, by its own means, to uproot thought from an increasingly cruel state of thralldom, to steer it back onto the path of total comprehension, return it to its original purity.
--Andre Breton, Second Manifesto of Surrealism

Dreamlike and beyond real, the works of these three artists stretch our understanding of everyday scenes and objects and in doing so, our understanding of ourselves.

The ambiguousness of Robert Gullie’s hand-tinted photographs startles us out of complacency, forcing us to really look and consider our troubled reaction to the work.

Sergio Sericolo combines the juxtaposition of weird and fantastical images with an almost unearthly color saturation to invent rich, organic gardens (pun intended.)

Dana Rudolph’s two spiritual pieces, inspired by their Chapel location, ask us to look both inward and outward to see, and to judge, ourselves for what we really are.

These works ask us to consider and evaluate our realities with new eyes and with a new measure of what is important.


Sara Ayers, curator
September 22, 2004