January 5 - February 17, 2006

The artwork of Cathy Frank, Gerald Coble and Barbara Price

Live Performances by Mary Jane Leach

Live Performance by Gamelan Son of Lion

Dream In Bursts: Film, Video and Multimedia Short Works (View Program)

Show Within a Show featuring artwork by

G. C. Haymes, Dennis Herbert, Marie Triller, Carol Luce, Robert Gullie, Jim Lewis, Tim Cahill, Ian Pyper, Gail Nadeau, Tim Livingston, Rebecca Schoonmaker, Douglass Truth, Ed Atkeson, Michael Eck

My original thought, in curating this show, was based on the time of year – the dead of winter is a time of renewal, a time for dreaming of new things – and so I envisioned finding three artists whose work echoed this theme of rebirth and renewal.  However, as I considered this theme further, a selfish impulse arose – as a curator, I too have a need for new inspirations, so I asked three artists whose work I admired, but had seen too little of, to be a part of it.

All three artists have created works of one kind or another throughout their lives but they have rarely pursued exhibits for those works.  They are artists whose primary aim is creating, rather than commerce:

Cathy Frank’s repetitive meditations focus our attention on the beauty of forgotten minutiae of our lives.

Gerald Coble’s exquisite combination of studies and constructions examine both emotionally detached form and emotionally laden content in a single series.

Barbara Price’s rich encaustic images are like scenes from the dreams we wish we had.

The old dreams are beautiful, beloved, soft-toned, and sure,
But the dream-stuff is molten and moving mysteriously,
Alluring my eyes; for I, am I not also dream-stuff,
Am I not quickening, diffusing myself in the pattern, shaping and shapen?
- D.H. Lawrence: Amores.  1916.

Sara Ayers, curator
January 5, 2006